cursor by onehundred-vicless-nights She's The Last Real Dreamer... ♥

She's The Last Real Dreamer... ♥

22 years old. Detroit ♔ Concert junkie. My favorite bands include Mayday Parade, Issues, Every Avenue, PTV, Go Radio, ADTR, OM&M, & Tonight Alive :)

I love music, creativity, Glamour Kills, tattoos, Harry Potter, inspiration, animals, Greek Mythology, WWE, energy drinks, Disney, TWLOHA, & Jac Vanek bracelets. #DGAF
I love you, Andrew ♥ 06.21.11
Anonymous asked: Oh my gosh ur so perfect! Btw how do u get ur hair so nice?? Mines always dead n messy .-.


Aw thanks :3 It took me 3 tries to get my hair the color I wanted. I ended up using Loreal HiColor Red for dark hair to dye it, and its naturally wavy so I just let it dry without blow drying after I shower.

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