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She's The Last Real Dreamer... ♥

22 years old. Detroit ♔ Concert junkie. My favorite bands include Mayday Parade, Issues, Every Avenue, PTV, Go Radio, ADTR, OM&M, & Tonight Alive :)

I love music, creativity, Glamour Kills, tattoos, Harry Potter, inspiration, animals, Greek Mythology, WWE, energy drinks, Disney, TWLOHA, & Jac Vanek bracelets. #DGAF
I love you, Andrew ♥ 06.21.11

Issues announce acoustic Diamond Dreams EP



Issues will be releasing a brand new acoustic EP titled Diamond Dreams via Rise Records, however no release date has been announced as of yet. Check out the EP’s artwork and trackisting below by clicking “Read More”

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Punk Goes Pop 6 Announced


Punk Goes Pop 6 will be released on November 17th and you can see the tracklisting below:

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